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Meet our People

Continuous Improvement advocate

Never tire to seek for things that your talents can improve and never close a door of opportunity for one self to develop. Reed Elsevier Philippines did not just introduce me to Lean Six Sigma, it inculcated in me the value of Continuous Improvement.

Nature enthusiast,
CSR advocate, Engagement awardee

I feel so honored and blessed to be part of a company that offers numerous opportunities for professional and personal growth. I have genuinely enjoyed working in this organization that appreciates and supports all my efforts whether its work related or charity group initiatives.

Pioneer legal professional

There is a convergence of young and dynamic people in the organization. I also enjoy the work flexibility which allows me to attend to my other legal obligations. I am also grateful for the health benefits provided by the company which covers my family.

Servant Leader awardee

This is the best place where people can grow and make a difference. I feel like I am not at work at all, because every member collaborates as one. I was given the opportunity to be part of different initiatives while still having ample time for my family. REPH is true to its core, generous in giving me development opportunities while ensuring a balanced work and life environment.

Pioneer employee, CSR advocate

My Reed Elsevier Philippines journey brought me a lot of insights, taught me about servant leadership, and helped me become a better person day-by-day. There is always that sense of fulfillment and contentment because it first taught me the value of genuine service, which is finding joy in investing and giving my time and effort in everything I do. This will always be my home.